The Peace Icon Memorial In Sharm El sheikh

The Peace Icon Memorial In Sharm El sheikh

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The Peace Icon Memorial In Sharm El Sheikh

The designer of the “Peace Icon Memorial” had a achieved a new Guinness record as the largest metal art work.

Engineer Yasser Asim the designer of the peace icon memorial in Sharm El Sheikh said that it’s not just a memorial that the all world celebrated with during the economic conference event in the city, but it’s a real icon for peace have been designed in a technical uniquely way that combines modernity with the Pharaonic civilization, as a direct message for the whole world that Egypt is the land of peace and the city of Sharm El Sheikh is the icon of peace, pointing out that the real surprise is recording this monument in the Guinness book of records as the largest and longest metal art work in the world.

Assem explained that the overall height of the memorial is 43 meters, which is based on a concrete base covered with black granite and holds the famous Egyptian lotus flower that holds 8 wings that represents the main trends according to the ancient Pharaonic civilization, and this eight wings was inspired by the god “Ra” god of the sun in the ancient Pharaonic civilization.


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