Frequently Asked Questions Before Travel

Frequently Asked Questions Before Travel

Frequently Asked Questions Before Travel

Do you have a questions about your visit to Egypt, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers, if you have any othe questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here

Is Egypt safe to  visit?

Egypt is very safe to visit and the police,  tourist police and army are in prominence wherever you go, giving you a feel of  being in secure surroundings. Egypt prides itself on its high safety record for  tourists and will do all it can to maintain this.

 How do I get my  tourist visa?

usually you need to apply to your local  Egyptian Embassy or Consulate General for a pre entry tourist visa but if you  are from North America, Western Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil/Argentina  or Hong Kong/Japan/Macau/Malaysia or Singapore you can get your tourist visa  upon arrival in Egypt.

How do I get my  tourist visa if I live in a different country to that of my passport?

If you hold a residence permit in the  country you live in you can apply to the Egyptian Embassy/Consulate General in  that country, otherwise you have to apply to the country that issued your  passport.

What are the  differences between bed and breakfast, half board, full board and all  inclusive?

Bed and breakfast means that only breakfast  is supplied.
Half board means that breakfast and dinner are supplied.
Full board has all meals supplied (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
All inclusive means that all meals and drinks are supplied, some hotels also supply alcohol. This latter point should be checked when making the booking.

Where do I get the  bus in Hurghada?

Most of bus stations is situated in Hurghada town  center (Dahar Nasr .st), you can Find more info about tranportation in Hurghada here  .

Where do I get the  bus in Sharm El-Sheikh?

The bus station is on the outskirts of the  town on Freedom Road. You will require a taxi to get there, though many hotels  do have shuttle buses which can do this.

Is it safe to drink  the water in Egypt?

Yes, but not advised! Egyptian water has a  high chlorine level in it which can upset the microbes in your stomach, causing  diarrhoea. For drinking purposes it is far safer to stick with bottled water,  ensuring the seal is intact before drinking it.

Can I use my  credit/debit cards easily?

Yes. Most places accept these nowadays,  including all decent hotels and cruises. You are advised to carry cash when  shopping in the many street markets (souks) though the larger malls, and street  shops, can accept credit cards.

Are there plenty  of ATM’s?

Almost every bank has an ATM outside it, or  just inside the front doors, and you will normally find that they are guarded  by a policeman. Many shopping malls have stand alone ATM’s and you can also  find them located along a busy pavement (sidewalk), or where two busy pavements  meet. Airports and railway stations also have ATM’s as do the larger tour  company offices.


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