Red Sea Diving Spots The Best Ever

Red Sea Diving Spots The Best Ever

Best Red Sea Diving Spots

Crystal waters, challenging Res Sea diving sites and reefs rich with marine life make this spots along the Red Sea a diver’s dream.

Abu Dabbab (Marsa Alam)

Abu Dabbab is a unique red sea diving spot because of the strong presence of sea turtles  and dugongs, peaceful herbivores who stoically endure the curiosity of scuba divers. Denis (or perhaps Denise, it is unclear whether it is a male or a female) is one of two dugongs living in Abu Dabbab and receives special protection being species in danger of extinction.

Ras Mohammed (Sharm El Sheikh)

Ras Mohammed is the oldest protected marine park in the Egyptian Red Sea. Ras Mohammed is the home of more than 1,200 fish species and 220 species of coral. It is a must when traveling in a diving safari in the north Red Sea that also has two extraordinary wrecks near, the SS Thistlegorm and the SS Dunraven.

Elphinstone Reef (Marsa Alam)

Elphinstone Reef is one of the best-known southern Red Sea diving spots and it is located 30 km from the coast of Marsa Alam. Located in very deep water, this elongated reef is known for the oceanic whitetip sharks visits and where occasionally whale sharks  show up.

Brothers Islands (Marsa Alam)

Brothers islands are the two remote islands that can described as magnets for the pelagic creatures: manta rays, thresher sharks, gray sharks or whale sharks are attracted by the strong currents driven of this national park, suitable only for divers with several dives before.

Best Red Sea diving spots ever ( Brothers islands )

Dolphin House (El Gouna)

Unlike other areas of the northern Red Sea where dolphins live in semi freedom, in Dolphin House , dolphin groups coexist in this reef, sheltered from the wind, currents and predators allowing them to rest and recover from their hunts. In this reef have recorded up to 200 dolphins  living together in complete freedom, and divers respect towards these mammals is total.

Best Red Sea diving spots ever ( Dolphin House )

Daedalus Reef (Marsa Alam)

Daedalus Reef is an isolated reef which receives strong currents rich in nutrients that provides perfect conditions to have walls full of healthy hard corals,it is located 80 km from the coast of Marsa Alam the depth of this site ranges from 5 to 40 meters. To this reef arrive mackerel, barracuda, tuna, hammerhead sharks or longimanus sharks looking for schools of fish.

The best Red Sea diving spots ever ( Daedalus Reef )

Anemone city (Sharm El Sheikh)

Those who know Anemone City say that the reef looks like a big city at rush hour. In this reef north of Ras Mohammed can be found a lot of anemones that host thousands of clown fish  and where also live napoleon wrasse, surgeon fish or unicorn fish.

Best Red Sea diving spots ever ( Anemone city )

Jackson Reef (Straits of Tiran)

is one of the four coral reefs that runs longitudinally the Straits of Tiran . What’s special about this reef is that, thanks to the strong currents and abundant nutrients that come from the depths of the Red Sea, corals grow in good health attracting a large variety of fish what also calls big predators like hammerhead sharks, gray sharks or guitar sharks.

Best Red Sea diving spots ever ( Jackson Reef )

Habili Ali  (St. John’s) Marsa Ghalib

Habili Ali reef is the most eastern diving point of  St. John’s . Its walls and ridges are full with Elkhorn corals, whip corals, huge gorgonian fans and black corals. Through drift diving you´ll have the chance to dive with huge napoleon wrasse, giant parrot-fishes, white-tip sharks and gray sharks to be finding colorful soft coral gardens full of clown fish and anemones.

Best Red Sea diving spots ever Habili Ali (St. John's)

These Are the best Red Sea diving spots , when you dive in this sites you will feel like if you where in heaven with a lot of colors and marine life.

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